5 Questions to Ask An Elder Law Attorney Before Hiring Them

Nov 30, 2014

As you begin your search for an elder law attorney, it may be difficult to determine which individual is a proper fit for your family. The amount of experience an attorney has, and the cost of their services is something you should consider. You need to rely on one determining factor when choosing this person: “can I trust them with my family’s life planning concerns?” It is important that you know your attorney is looking out for your best interest, and not the next big profit.

It is also important that this is the attorney’s only focus. Many attorneys will try to practice elder law, but only “dabble” in the area. This can be very dangerous to clients, because this area of law is so complex.

How can you determine this? We have gathered the 5 best questions to ask yourself when screening an elder law attorney (these questions should go beyond how long the attorney has been in practice, and what you need to bring to the first meeting).

What To Ask An Elder Law Attorney

1. Why do you practice elder law? It seems like a simple enough question, but look for a more involved answer than just stock answers like, “To help people.” Look for attorneys with a story, with a bigger and deeper meaning as to why they work in elder law.

2. What kind of elder law advocacy organizations do you belong to? This may seem like it doesn’t benefit your case directly, however an attorney who is involved with different elder law organizations, is an attorney that goes above and beyond to stay knowledgeable within their industry. Look especially for attorneys who are involved with the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys on a national and local level.

3. What would your most difficult client say about you? Again, move past any stock answers when you’re asking this question. Good attorneys wanting to create a true partnership with you will be transparent in their successes and failures. This question is a way to determine if an attorney is willing to share their struggle and how they were able to handle it, whether that be good or bad.

4. What kind of informational material can you provide on a case similar to mine? This question will show that your attorney has sufficient knowledge regarding your case due to past research and education. It’s also another way to have them prove that they’ve handled cases like yours.

5. Why would my case be a good fit for your practice? Although this may seem like an everyday job interview question, it is an excellent way to let your potential attorney convince you why they should work for you. During their answer look for clues that they’ve listened to the details and concerns of your case.

We encourage you to ask questions of your attorney, especially before you’ve decided that they will take on your elder law case. We hope that these questions will help you determine if your potential elder law attorney is not only a passionate and educated individual in their field, but someone who is also receptive to you as a client.

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