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Christina Lesher is passionately involved with the community and participates in activities that promote the betterment of the community. Christina’s extensive experience has been featured in various media outlets in the Houston area.

Online Articles

Christina Lesher has  been featured in several online news sources, either providing information on elder law issues or on best business practices.

5 Signs it may be time to help with an Elderly Parent’s Finances?

Christina In the Houston Business Journal

Bauer Business Focus: Christina Lesher

Houston Chronicle Article: Christina Lesher

No Time Too Soon to Consider Long-Term Care

Financial Options For Family Caregivers

Television Appearances

Christina has become a regular correspondent on elder law issues on Houston’s own KRIV FOX 26. Check this website for Christina Lesher’s current media appearances.


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(Below is older archived footage that may not be available.)


‘Baby Boomers’ Retiring later than age 65

baby boomers retiring later


Estate Planning and Selecting a Guardian for Children

estate planning


The Dilemma of Providing Care for your Aging Parents:

The Dilemma of providing care for your aging parents


Personal Possessions can be an obstacle for older adults

Personal Possessions can be an obstacle


Financial Burden and Dual Caregiver Role For The Sandwich Generation

financial Burden and Dual Caregiver


Holiday Season Creating Financial Stress In Relationships:

christina lesher speaks on financial stress


Gift Giving and Medicaid:

gift giving and medicaid


Financial Help For Veterans: Part 1

Financial Help For Veterans Pt. 1

Financial Help for Veterans – Part 2

Financial Help for Veterans – Part 3

Financial Planning For Senior Care:

financial planning senior care


Financial New Year’s Resolutions:

financial new years resolution


Will No Medicaid Mean Texas Mass Exodus?

no medicaid in texas