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How to Avoid Forced Guardianship

Adult guardianship, also known as conservatorship, was created in order to protect adults who are not capable of taking care of themselves due to an illness or disability. However, the very same laws intended to protect senior citizens are sometimes used to exploit them – often by the very people in charge of caring for […]

Autism and Divorce

While there is little empirical evidence connecting autism in children to the divorce of the child’s parents, it is without saying that the situation is stressful. Even without the factor of special needs added, divorce is a long and tedious process. Of course one of the main things you’ll think of when the word divorce […]

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Guardianship and conservatorship questions may arise when an elder relative or older friend shows signs of incapacity or cannot handle personal cares or financial matters. A guardian or conservator is only appointed if a judge determines the person, frequently referred to as a ward, is incapacitated or incompetent, depending on the law of the state. […]