Estate Planning for Families

Many people don’t like to think about probate and estate matters. We can hardly blame them: no one likes to make plans for their passing. In an effort to provide peace of mind, and educate the general public about these issues, we offer the following information.

Do I Need Estate Planning?

At the end of life, there will be a transition of your assets to others. Will that transition of assets occur according to your wishes? Will you provide for your family and favorite charitable causes to the best of your ability? A frank discussion of these questions is in order for any thoughtful person.

Do I need a Will or A Trust?

Everyone’s  personal and financial situation is different. Some client’s needs are best met using a Will, and some require a Revocable Trust, sometimes known as a Revocable Living Trust. Christina Lesher will review your family situation, your assets, and your needs and can make an expert recommendation that fits your needs and your budget.

Does every Will have to be Probated?

Not every Will must be probated. If there are no assets needing or subject to probate, then there may not be the necessity to go through probate. Probate is the court process used to determine the validity of a will and oversee the payment of creditors and distribution of estate assets. Even if there is no valid will at the time of death, the estate may still go through the probate procedure. Since probate is regulated by state laws, there are specific procedures prescribed by each state for carrying out the process.

Probate Law Attorney

Our office approaches probate and estate administration practice the same way we do the rest of our work; with compassion first and foremost.

Often people come to us having just lost a relative and being intimidated by the probate process. It is our job to set them at ease, provide peace of mind, and break probate into smaller, more manageable pieces, and take care of the difficult parts ourselves.

Christina Lesher is committed to helping you put in place the documents that will ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled. We will examine the will and assets in the estate to determine the best probate process to use. Smaller estates may be able to use less costly administrations such as a small estate affidavit or muniment of title.

If you need legal assistance in Estate Planning or Probate, contact the Law Office of Christina Lesher by calling (713) 529-5900 or using our contact form. 


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by H. Hofmeister on Law Office of Christina Lesher
Best decision we ever made was working with Christina Lesher

Christina Lesher has turned a process that was very scary and confusing into peace of mind for everyone in our family. We have clear steps and stages to work through as we prepare our family for the transitions ahead. I am thankful every day that we made the appointment and got Christina Lesher working for us and with us. Her personality is just right for these delicate topics -- firm when she needs to be regarding the important hard legal issues on our behalf, and as gentle and patient as could be with the family members who weren't yet ready for the next steps. We feel we are in excellent hands!