Miller Trust

Christina Lesher and her team at The Law Office of Christina Lesher in Houston, Texas, can help you establish a Miller Trust, also known as Qualified Income Trusts (QITs). With the establishment of this type of trust, a person can obtain Medicaid nursing home coverage despite having too much income to qualify for such coverage.

In Texas, if an individual has more than $2,742 in gross monthly income, they are not eligible for Medicaid nursing home coverage. Miller Trusts provide a potential solution.

Each month, all of the income of the Medicaid beneficiary goes into the Miller Trust. The Miller Trust requires certain distributions to be made, such as co-payments to the nursing home, payment of the Medicare supplement policy, and a monthly allowance to the community spouse.

Do You Need A Miller Trust?

If your loved one has too much in monthly income, they may need a Miller Trust. The establishment and administration of Miller Trusts is very complicated. If the Miller Trust is not administered properly, the recipient may lose Medicaid benefits for a month or more.

As an experienced Miller Trust and Medicaid planning attorney, Christina Lesher can:

  • Help determine whether a Miller Trust is the right solution for your family
  • Set up the Miller Trust
  • Show you how to properly administer the Trust
  • Carefully review your case to make sure all other Medicaid eligibility requirements are met

Issues concerning long-term care for the elderly are complex. For the sake of your loved one, call us to discuss your situation. Sometimes, solving a troubling problem requires experienced and informed advice.

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