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Warning: How Observation Status Affects Medicare Coverage

Recent reports suggest that hospitals have increasingly classified new patients as under observation (or outpatient status) to protect themselves against Medicare policies that prevent payouts to hospitals for excessive patient admissions. However, many of the patients under observation are being cheated out of thousands of dollars. Inpatient vs. Outpatient: What is Covered? Under federal law, Medicare won’t pay for post-hospital extended care services […]

Hospice Coverage- What You Need To Know

Making our loved ones comfortable for the last days of their life is priceless, but how can you make sure you aren’t sinking your own ship? Determining how your family will handle payment for hospice care may seem daunting. What many don’t know is that there’s hospice coverage that provides basic hospice services at little to no cost. Medicare […]

The 6 Biggest Medicare Secrets and Hacks

Nearly all elderly Americans are subscribed to any form of Medicare coverage and are generally pleased with its provisions. However, a vast majority of Medicare subscribers are unaware of the many numerous allowances your Medicare insurance covers. Here is a list of the six biggest Medicare secrets and hacks that may allow you to get […]

Long-Term Care Planning

As medical technology advances and life spans increase, many Americans fear the financial strain that rising long-term care costs will have on their life savings. Proper planning can help alleviate many of those fears. Long-Term Care Insurance The cost of a nursing home stay will exhaust most Americans’ retirement savings quickly. Medicare, Medicaid and other […]