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A Beginner’s Guide To Financial Caregiving

Adult children often help their parents make medical and health care decisions. If you are also helping your parents with money management and bill paying, this makes you a financial caregiver. Your main role as a financial caregiver could include: determining the right long-term care that meets a loved one’s needs helping them with money […]

Unmarried Couples: Why Estate Planning Is Essential

Without proper planning in place, unmarried couples put their family unit at risk.  Due to asset acquisition and health decisions being more complicated for unmarried couples, among other things, estate planning is crucial. Here is a simple guide on how to protect your family’s future. Protecting Shared Property Equal contribution to the purchase of property does […]

Advance Directives and Power of Attorney

Many people worry about what could happen to them if they suffered a medical emergency or became incapacitated. Luckily, most states recognize the need to plan for future incapacity with planning tools referred to as advance directives. Advance Directives Advance directives can include durable powers of attorney for financial matters or health care, and “do […]