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3 Types of Special Needs Trusts You Need To Know About

Families with special needs children often are often concerned about how they can pass assets to their children without interrupting important public benefits, such as Medicaid. Supplemental needs trust, sometimes called special needs trust, can assist in protecting these very important benefits. There are three main kinds: 1) third party supplemental needed trust 2) self-settled […]

Promises and Possibilities: Getting To Know The ABLE Act

The National Disability Institute estimates that there are 58 million individuals with disabilities in the United States. On December 19, 2014, those lives were forever changed when President Obama signed the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act into law – eight years after it was first introduced in 2006. In simplest terms, the ABLE Act exists to provide a better economic future for people […]

Autism and Divorce

While there is little empirical evidence connecting autism in children to the divorce of the child’s parents, it is without saying that the situation is stressful. Even without the factor of special needs added, divorce is a long and tedious process. Of course one of the main things you’ll think of when the word divorce […]