Top Tips for Estate Planning in 2014

Jan 14, 2014

As the New Year begins it brings along New Year’s resolutions. Whether you challenge yourself to diet, learn an instrument or save money, your resolution is a goal for a better future. Estate planning is a New Year’s resolution that is practical and necessary. Estate  planning is usually not thought of until it is too late, but making it a New Year’s resolution will leave you planned, prepared and ready.

Tips for Estate planning

  • Gather and organize your assets

Write down a list of all of your finances which will include the name of the financial institution and the account number. You will want to have your mortgage and all insurance information written down as well. Also include other investments you may have such as: stocks, bonds, CDs. Having all of your estate planning information accessible will save a lot of time and stress in the future.

  • Keep your information private

Keep your list of all your important information hidden. The best way to keep your asset information safe is to keep it in a fire-proof safe, in case of a house fire. Make sure your trusted loved ones know where you hid your information and can access it.

  •  Update your information

Make sure to update your estate and financial planning documents every year. Do this especially important if an important event has happened. Your documents should reflect the most updated information to avoid confusion in the end.

  • Title your assets

If you have a revocable trust, Christina Lesher can assist you to ascertain that your assets are properly tied into your trust. Without doing so, how can you be sure your trust will stand in court?

Christina Lesher has devoted her career to helping senior citizens and wants you to be prepared for the unexpected. This year, make sure estate and financial planning is at the top of your New Year’s to-do list.

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