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3 Changes to Social Security Benefits in 2016 that Could Affect You

The “Claim and Suspend” strategy, also known as “File and Suspend,” allows a worker to claim their social security benefit and immediately suspend benefit payments. This has been an effective tool to maximize a worker’s benefits. However, based on a new budget act and a few emergency messages published by the Social Security Administration (SSA), […]

5 Important Tax Changes You Need To Know For 2016

For most people, tax season means going through the motions of another filing. But some tax changes implemented in the New Year could affect long-term financial planning. Stay updated on estate tax exemptions changes and 401k and IRA contribution income limit changes. 1 – Leave behind more of your estate, tax free. Last year, individuals could […]

Why Your Loved Ones’ Medicaid Planning Needs to be Done by An Attorney

While it may seem harmless to have a social worker or expert staff member at a loved one’s nursing home help with Medicaid planning, this practice is actually illegal according to Texas law. Why is it illegal? According to the Texas Human Resources Code Section 12.001, any person who is not licensed to practice law […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Financial Caregiving

Adult children often help their parents make medical and health care decisions. If you are also helping your parents with money management and bill paying, this makes you a financial caregiver. Your main role as a financial caregiver could include: determining the right long-term care that meets a loved one’s needs helping them with money […]

Top 3 Ways A Geriatric Care Manager Can Help You

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 years old every day, taking care of our loved ones has become even more pressing than ever. Many individuals have come to a point where their elderly relatives are unable to safely care for themselves or require higher levels of caregiving. To provide the best decisions for this stage of life or to prepare for […]

How To Avoid Elder Financial Abuse

Financial abuse of the elderly could include financial exploitation and criminal fraud, but a surprising 45% of elder financial abuse cases in 2011 were caused by the manipulation of a senior citizen by a trusted family member, friend or neighbor. This type of abuse that capitalizes on taking advantage of a trusting relationship to get money accounts for […]

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Executing An Estate: A Beginner’s Checklist

Becoming an executor of an estate is a huge responsibility – one that should be handled with extreme care and diligence. You will be in charge of cooperating with the probate court and tying up all loose ends. It may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t be intimidated. It’s important to establish good communication with all parties involved early, […]